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Christian Youth Organization for Physical 'n Spiritual Development (CYOPSD)  is responsible for encouraging youth to live Christian life approved by the moderators in all aspects of life. It encourages young Christians to use their strengths to predict physical and spiritual needs.


With the holy hand of our God we will do the exploits!  

Psalms 60:14


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Word of God

  • Pourquoi le monde tremble?

    Comme nous sommes dans les jours de la célébration de la pâque, le Saint-Esprit m’a poussé de vous communiquer ce qui suit :
    Tremblez devant lui vous tous les habitants de la terre. Psaumes96, 9. Le monde a connu les deux principaux tremblements de la terre, qui sont si significatifs dans un monde spirituel.....


  • Don't push yourself to change a stone into a bread.

    The Bible tells us about temptation of our Lord.

    There are 3 different types of temptation: The first, is about food(bread), the second, is about glory and power , the third is about the spiritual arrogance .But we are going to talk about the first one.



May the Lord remember our mother country,May He give us wisdom to learn from our history, May He give us hope for tomorrow, may He bless the Rwandan people.